Why There is A Need to Hire Residential Pressure Washing Company

Have you noticed molds and dirt on the bricks, rooftop or any part on the exterior of your house? Actually, you can clean this mess using power washing. They are molds that are accumulated as time passed by because of changing weather. This kind of work needs to have a professional residential pressure washing service. Why? Here are the reasons:

Reason 1: For You and Your Floor’s Safety

A power washer is an intense and very powerful tool. Don’t ever think that you will just pick it up and turn it on just like what you do on vacuums. You don’t know the danger you put yourself and your property by not knowing the right way to handle it. Someone who is not licensed and no training in operating the tool will not know the proper precaution in right handling. But a professional knows that safety came first because this is what they are skilled and trained for. They are dealing with this tool every day on work. They know the ins and outs of the tool, like what pressure to use on each level of the surface.

Reason 2: Different Surface Protection

Not all power washer will fit all kinds of surface. It means that a certain temperature and water pressure you use in bricks won’t be the same setting you will use in a wooden deck. There are certain pressures and temperatures to set to protect the surface of the property. As a novice, you are not familiar with this knowledge. However, as an expert, they know how to protect your property. They know which to avoid such as paint and coating not to be removed during cleaning.

Reason 3: Right Mixture of Solution

Power washer needs a solution for cleaning the residue of the surface. The solution makes compose of detergent, soap and other bleaching ingredients that are mixed in water. You mix the ingredients by yourself and do the cleaning. But you may not clean all the surface and ends up leaving a harmful residue to you and the living things within your property. You may end up damaging your place instead of cleaning it. A professional residential pressure washing company knows the right percentage of mixture solutions used on a different surface. They can evaluate it and know how many solutions needed to remove the residue. Just leave the professional to do the job for you to feel at ease at the cleanliness of your property.

Reason 4: Conservation of Water

The standard water a pressure washer can use is about four gallons per minute. Professionals know how to reuse this water after use. They have the training and tools for it. But if you are going to do the work, you may end up wasting most of the water and without even cleaning the mess.

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